Antiviral compounds from marine bivalves for evaluation against SARS-CoV-2

Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia,43400 UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia. * E-mail: ...
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Challenges and opportunities to tackle COVID-19 spread in Ethiopia

Nursing department, health Science College, Assosa University, Assosa, P.O box 18, Ethiopia. * E-mail: ...
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Corona virus drugs: A brief overview of past, present and future

Innovative Informatica Technologies, Hyderabad - 500049, India. * E-mail:; | Phone: +(91)-9177247605 Published: ...
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Maerua oblongifolia – What do we really know? Overview, Progress and Perspectives

Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, MSR ...
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Machine learning techniques in biological data classification and clustering: Initiation of a scientific voyage

Biology Division, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Uppal Rd, IICT Colony, Tarnaka, Hyderabad, Telangana 500007, ...
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Growth of four generations of Zebra-snout Seahorse, Hippocampus barbouri (Jordan & Richardson, 1908) in captivity

1Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), Batu Maung, 11960 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. 2Institute of Bioscience, Universiti Putra ...
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